Phishing LinkedIn Invitations

New phishing email mimicking LinkedIn’s new invitation to connect. The best prevention is hovering the links in Outlook or other mail clients to make sure the URL points to LinkedIn or delete these emails and access your LinkedIn’s account to check for invitations and messages.


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Fake Spam Facebook Friends Hit the Lebanese market

60723_4346704353426_141105871_nKenza Cullen (Photo) and other lovely blondes and brunettes are trying to make friends with Lebanese facebookers. Unfortunately for you, Kenza Cullen is a fake person and this photo is the photo of Kenza Zouiten, a half Swedish, half Moroccan model.


The idea is simple: people are more influenced by friends and acquaintances (strong and weak ties) than by ads. So, why not have (fake) friends tell you about what is new and good?

“Fake Kenza” has already posted about TSC, Crepaway, Bridgestone, Mike Sport and many others. She already has 157 friends who are receiving her posts on their timeline…



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Facebook pages Lebanese people like…

Based on Social Bakers (, the 10 pages with the highest number of Lebanese fans (as of June 19, 2013) are:

Rank Page Lebanese Fans Total Fans
1 Texas HoldEm Poker 382,618 70,365,082
2 Master Chips 262,981 404,264
3   I dream of Lebanon 259,581 437,451
4   SAYFCO HOLDING 244,524 2,336,992
5   Nancy Ajram 190,311 5,547,814
6   Cyrine Abdelnour 167,229 1,04,4173
7   Georges Khabbaz 156,773 216,096
8   Nadine Al Rassi 154,331 261,241
9   Trident 151,819 10,167,898
10   Trident (ME) 151,479 157,096
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Facebook Photoshop Templates

Click here for the updated template (May 2015) or continue reading


These templates will help you customize your Facebook profile or Facebook pages. Useful to have a picture-in-picture effect, a profile picture that completes the cover page photo, a profile picture that extends the cover photo or multiple profile pictures embedded within the cover page.

click on the images to download the Photoshop files (PSD) in Zip format. Tutorials coming soon.

Profile Template


Page Template


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