Upgrading Your Hard Drive

With more and more data and video, our drives are quickly running out of space. Fortunately, you can always find a bigger drive.

It’s also good practice to replace your laptop drive every 2-3 years before it suddenly fails you.

The problem arises when you want to copy your data from your old drive to the new one, especially if you have special partitions on your drive (Lenovo and HP recovery partitions, etc.).

I had to replace my drive a couple of days back and found the following programs very useful:

CloneZilla: Needs basic tech knowledge to create a bootable CD. Has a lot of advanced options but you can stick to the defaults which worked perfectly fine for me (Lenovo T420)

– AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard Edition : CloneZilla will create a clone of your disk drive leaving additional space unallocated. Windows 7 disk manager is only capable of merging two consecutive partitions. If you have more than two partitions, AOMEI Partition Assistant will do the trick for you.

Both programs are free.

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Writing Upside Down in Twitter, Facebook, Website, etc.

If you ever need to do this, the short way is to go to http://toolsgeek.com/upsidedown.php, type, copy and paste the text anywhere else.


For a detailed explanation of how this work, visit:


This works perfectly on Facebook and Twitter (including their mobile apps) but will not work on all websites, especially if you’re using an admin to manage them (including WordPress).

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Facebook pages Lebanese people like…

Based on Social Bakers (www.socialbakers.com), the 10 pages with the highest number of Lebanese fans (as of June 19, 2013) are:

Rank Page Lebanese Fans Total Fans
1 Texas HoldEm Poker 382,618 70,365,082
2 Master Chips 262,981 404,264
3   I dream of Lebanon 259,581 437,451
4   SAYFCO HOLDING 244,524 2,336,992
5   Nancy Ajram 190,311 5,547,814
6   Cyrine Abdelnour 167,229 1,04,4173
7   Georges Khabbaz 156,773 216,096
8   Nadine Al Rassi 154,331 261,241
9   Trident 151,819 10,167,898
10   Trident (ME) 151,479 157,096
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