About Me


Université de Montpellier

2010 – 2015

Doctorate in Business Sciences / Marketing Strategies on Online Social Networks


Université Saint-Joseph

1995 – 1997

Professional Degree (DEA) in Management


Université Saint-Joseph

1986 – 1990

Master (License maîtrisée) in Business Administration


Teacher (Chargé d’enseignement) | Université Saint-Joseph

1990 – Current

Teacher at the Saint-Joseph University of Beirut: e-communication and online journalism (Masters in Information & Communication), e-conomy and website management (Masters in IT economy), HR related applications (Masters in Human Resources), etc.


E-communication & E-business Consultant | Self Employed

2000 – Current

Worked or is still working as a consultant for: UNDP, Danzas-AEI, DHL GF, Jobdiva NY, The Talkies, Rectangle Jaune, MOC winners, MedicSpa (Canada), LCPS, LTA, Soumrani Law Offices, Middle-East Council of Churches, Moghaizel Foundation, etc.


Distance Learning Coordinator | AUF-UM1-ULF

2009 – 2011

Distance learning coordinator between the University of Montpellier 1 and other organizations (AUF, ULF, etc.) for the L3 HT project.


General Manager & Founder |Kleudge

1991 – Current

Founder of Kleudge, a company specialized in online solutions, website development, Facebook app development, etc.


Co-Founder and Managing Partner | Leebosoft

2004 – 2005

Conceived and developed Leebo’s interactive adventures, the history of Lebanon part 1.


Co-Founder and Managing Partner | BuyLebanese.com

2000 – 2004

Conception, development, co-management.

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