Prezi Exercices







settings > aspect ratio

click –> hold –> move view
zoom with mouse or + or – on the right
type for text

insert image > favorite / delete

bracket frame

click edit path (bottom) add current view
> on top add it to the path / done

click on frame > click on number > x to delete

click on frame to zoom to frame / form / add to favorite / delte

Fade in effect

insert select files / search google images
insert styles / shapes

frame > delete (incl. everything inside) or remove frame

insert > my content favorites or previous prezis

insert > powerpoint

customize > advanced > custom logo

ctrl+space zoom to all

share (next to present) to share on FB, download, pdf, etc.

present > autoplay or arrows

type http://…..   ==> auto hyperlink

edit path > drag and drop objects

customize > colors / background

insert > add background music (mute button)
click on frame > insert voice over step (right click replace voice over)
delete > move the


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