Audacity Exercice Files and Link to Tutorials




  • Open Audio File
  • Play (use the selection tool)
  • Zoom in and out
  • Use the shift tool
  • Use the envelope tool
  • Select and Delete (delete key on Keyboard) or “cut” from the toolbar
  • Select, Edit > Clip Boundaries > Split and Split New
  • Edit > Remove special > Trim audio (removes all but selected)
  • Generate Silence (useful for effects such as echo), Noise or Tone
  • Effects > Amplify (negative or positive), Reverse,  Change pitch (F to A), Change Speed…
  • Add label track (ctrl+B), add labels (ctrl+B)
  • Silence track
  • Remove track (“x” to the left of the track’s name)
  • Export
  • Optional: Create a new track, record your voice

Exercice Files:


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