Customize footer in Catch Everest Theme

I recently had to work on a Catch Everest Free theme based WordPress website and it was impossible to find any reference on the web to how to customize the footer to add my own credits.

So, here is the tip:

  • I strongly recommend using a child theme for customization but you could as well replace the footer.php file
  • In the footer.php file, you need to comment (or delete) the following line (should be around line 55): do_action( ‘catcheverest_site_generator’ );
  • Copy and paste the following HTML code after the commented line and customize it to your liking:

<div>Copyright &copy; 2013 <span><a href=”” title=”My website” ><span>My website</span></a></span>. All Rights Reserved.</div><div>Powered by: <a href=”” target=”_blank” title=”WordPress”><span>WordPress</span></a> | Theme: <a href=”” target=”_blank” title=”Catch Everest”><span>Catch Everest</span></a></div>


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