Conference of Diya Obeid, CEO of JobDiva

It was a great pleasure for me and the Master in Human Resources and Leadership to welcome Mr. Diya Obeid, CEO of JobDiva for a lecture about HR technology in the age of big data.

Mr. Diya Obeid is the founder of both JobDiva and Axelon, two staffing and recruitment companies headquartered in NY city.

Mr. Obeid is a holder of several patents in technology, job search and job matching.

During his lecture, he talked about the evolution of jobs and how lay-offs were hurtful to a company’s image less than a century ago. He said that staffing is trending again in the gig economy. Staffing was in fact the way jobs used to be before the full-time employment scheme. Today, in the US, 5 to 15% of employment contracts are done through staffing.

Technology helps match the right person to the right job at the right time. While technology is not 100% perfect, he says that he considers a system efficient is the margin of errors is less than 5%.

Mr. Obeid described the landscape of technologies and tools related to recruitment, job search and staffing. He talked about the criteria to select the right software for your company. Basically, avoid taking the CIO with you (you don’t bring your mechanic with you to buy a new car), choose a system that is configurable and not customizable, and use a cloud based solution.

He concluded that tomorrow’s jobs are for the “right-brainers”. There will always be jobs for technicians but companies will look for people with social skills: philosophy, psychology, sociology, etc., because these skills will become indispensable, even for those who choose a technical career.



This is a link to the PowerPoint file of the presentation

Indesign – Create your Poster – Exercice

1- Poster Design Recommendations: Berkeley (PDF)
2- Poster Design Templates: Illinois
3- Choose your colors: Adobe
4- Download Indesign Exercice 1 document files
5- Result:

To do:
1- Lock Object
2- Create text frames
3- Place Method text
4- Create a Drop Cap > Window > Type & Tables > Paragraph Panel
5- Continue text (link) in Results
6- Place USJ logo
7- Place girl
8- Wrap text around girl > Window > Text Wrap > Type: Alpha Channel > Alpha 1
9- Place IPM logo
7- Rotate IPM logo
8- Place Copyrights Image
9- Use Transparency > effects pannel > Transparency
10- Place Table
11- Fill Table
12- Change color and line of Conclusion Box
13- Place and rotate text in Conclusion Box
14- Place Superman – Wrap text around Superman’s frame
15- Flip Superman
16- Create Drop Shadow
17- Create bullet points in Aim
18- Draw Lines
19- Draw Stars > double click polygonal tool
20- Place Copyrights Image
23- Create Circle
24- Position Circle
25- Create Text on Path
26- Create Orange Image Box in Introduction
27- Round Corners
28- Place Image
29- Use Effets
30- Finalize



Exercice MS Project 2 + Correction


On veut organiser une rencontre à partir du 10 Juin 2016.


L’équipe chargée des préparatifs est formée des personnes suivantes :

  • 3 administrateurs (A1, A2 et A3) à $50/heure
  • 2 ouvriers (O1 et O2) à $15/jour

Les étapes sont les suivantes :

AVider la salle, grosses œuvres A1, O1, O21 jour (j.)
BInstallation électrique/audioAprès AA3, O12 j.
CInstallation du décorAprès BA2, O21 j.
DTests sonorisation, multimédia, etc.Après A, B et CA1, O1½ j.(placer une deadline pour le 15 juin)
EDébutAprès DMilestoneCommence obligatoirement le 20 Juin
FPrésentation des équipesAprès EA21j.
GWorkshop 1Après FA1, A33j.
HWorkshop 2Commence un jour après GA3, A22j.
IDiscussionsSe termine avec G et HA1, A3, A21j.
JDéjeunerAprès I1h.Va coûter $50 par personne
KConclusionsAprès le déjeunerA1, A2, A3, O1, O21h.
Fin du projetAprès K Milestone


Questions (répondre dans les notes de la dernière tâche) :

  1. Coût du projet
  2. Date de fin du projet
  3. Y-a-il un suremploi ? pour quelles tâche(s) et pour quelle personne(s) ?
  4. Le deadline de la tâche D sera-t-il respecté ? Expliquer.

Corrigé au format MPP (Zip): corrige-ex2

Excel Advanced – Exercice 1

  • Convert to table – rename TBLOrders
  • Calculate Sales = @orderquantity x @unitprice
  • Calculate productstotals = @sales * (1-@discount)
  • AfterShipping = products total + shipping cost
  • use Floor and Ceiling formulas
  • Go to tax sheet –> change color sheet to red
  • Convert to table TBLTax
  • Vlookup (@province, TBLTax, 2, False)
  • TTC = after shippint * (1+tax)
  • Rename cell in variables sheet VCoursUSD
  • TTCLBP = @ttc * VCoursUSD
  • Profit = products total – sales (1 – product base marging)
  • Go to sheet customers
  • convert to table TBLCustomers
  • Data > Remove Duplicates
  • Create Colum Sales = Sumif(tblorders[customer name], A2, TBLorder[Ttc])
  • Create a Total Row
  • In TBLOrders create a total row > Compare Values
  • Go to Tax Sheet
  • Sum of Tax in new cell = sum(tblOrders[tax])
  • Count of orders in a new cell = count(tblOrders[order id])
  • Filter TBLorders for Pat Farhout
  • Copy columns “order date”, sales person, sales
  • Create a new sheet “Pat Farhout”
  • Paste values
  • Convert to table TBLPatFarhout
  • insert a pivot table in cell
    • Area: TBLPatFarhout
  • check Order Date
  • Check Sales
  • Drag sales > value fields settings (create count and average)


  • Use columns/rows wide functions
  • Use sheet wide functions
  • Choose function
  • Match / iferror
  • Index
  • Index – Match combination


Audacity Exercice Files and Link to Tutorials




  • Open Audio File
  • Play (use the selection tool)
  • Zoom in and out
  • Use the shift tool
  • Use the envelope tool
  • Select and Delete (delete key on Keyboard) or “cut” from the toolbar
  • Select, Edit > Clip Boundaries > Split and Split New
  • Edit > Remove special > Trim audio (removes all but selected)
  • Generate Silence (useful for effects such as echo), Noise or Tone
  • Effects > Amplify (negative or positive), Reverse,  Change pitch (F to A), Change Speed…
  • Add label track (ctrl+B), add labels (ctrl+B)
  • Silence track
  • Remove track (“x” to the left of the track’s name)
  • Export
  • Optional: Create a new track, record your voice

Exercice Files: