Fixing Audio Recording Problems with Screen Recorders

This fix has worked with Apowersoft Video Download Capture screen recording program. This solves the problem of recording video but not getting any audio recorded (no sound).

The fix is to enable the Stereo Mix device and to disable the Microphone in the recording devices tab. Leaving Microphone enable will also record ambient sound in the room.

Once you have enabled Stereo Mix as your default device, just select Microphone in your screen recording software (in my case Apowersoft Video Download Capture) as your  audio capture device:

Does this help? let me know.

Conference of Diya Obeid, CEO of JobDiva

It was a great pleasure for me and the Master in Human Resources and Leadership to welcome Mr. Diya Obeid, CEO of JobDiva for a lecture about HR technology in the age of big data.

Mr. Diya Obeid is the founder of both JobDiva and Axelon, two staffing and recruitment companies headquartered in NY city.

Mr. Obeid is a holder of several patents in technology, job search and job matching.

During his lecture, he talked about the evolution of jobs and how lay-offs were hurtful to a company’s image less than a century ago. He said that staffing is trending again in the gig economy. Staffing was in fact the way jobs used to be before the full-time employment scheme. Today, in the US, 5 to 15% of employment contracts are done through staffing.

Technology helps match the right person to the right job at the right time. While technology is not 100% perfect, he says that he considers a system efficient is the margin of errors is less than 5%.

Mr. Obeid described the landscape of technologies and tools related to recruitment, job search and staffing. He talked about the criteria to select the right software for your company. Basically, avoid taking the CIO with you (you don’t bring your mechanic with you to buy a new car), choose a system that is configurable and not customizable, and use a cloud based solution.

He concluded that tomorrow’s jobs are for the “right-brainers”. There will always be jobs for technicians but companies will look for people with social skills: philosophy, psychology, sociology, etc., because these skills will become indispensable, even for those who choose a technical career.



This is a link to the PowerPoint file of the presentation

Exercice MS Project – 2016/11

Quatre amis, Chris, Nagi, Hani et Joe, décident de lancer une application mobile sur le marché. Ils se proposent de commencer le 1er Décembre 2016.
Le tarif horaire des 4 partenaires est le suivant:

Chris: $100/heure

Nagi: $100/heure

Hani: $75/heure

Joe: $50/heure
Analyse et Réflexion:

Cahier de charge, Chris, 4 jours.
Schéma de l’application, suit la tâche Cahier de charge, 4 jours, Chris et Nagi.
Réunion des 4 partenaires, suit la tâche Schéma, durée 1 jour.
Réunion avec un expert des applications mobiles, suit la tâche Réunion des 4 partenaires, Chris et Nagi. Durée: 1 jour. L’expert touche $1500 par jour.
Placer un milestone après la réunion avec l’expert

Structure de la société (vient après l’étape Analyse et Réflexion):

Réunion avec l’avocat, 1 jour, l’avocat touche $3,000 par jour, Chris et Nagi.
Fondation de la société, une semaine après la réunion avec l’avocat, $20,000 (coût fixe), durée 2 jours.
Installation des locaux, commence après la réunion avec l’avocat, Chris et Nagi, durée 10 jours.
Ecriture du business plan, 3 jours, Chris, doit se terminer en même temps que l’installation des locaux.
Mettre un milestone qui a lieu lorsque la Fondation de la société ET l’écriture du business plan sont achevés.

Développement (après l’étape structure de la société):

Développement de l’app pour iPhone, Joe, 2 semaines. A cause des engagements de Joe, cette étape ne peut commencer avant le 25 décembre 2016 – Joe et Hani.
Développement de l’app pour Android, Nagi, 2 semaines, commence 1 semaine après le démarrage de la tâche “Développement de l’app pour iPhone”
Placer un milestone à la fin des deux étapes.
Il est demandé de:

Dessiner le Gantt Chart du projet
Déterminer le coût total du projet (le placer dans une note au niveau du dernier milestone)
Placer une deadline pour le dernier milestone pour le 30 janvier 2017. Ce deadline sera-t-il respecté?

Enregistrez vos travaux sur le desktop sous le nom GRH-TPC14-votre matricule.

Solution (étapes les plus importantes):

1. Passer en mode automatique:


2. Dans Projet > Project Information, saisir la date de début:


3. Saisir le nom et les salaires des RH dans la page “Resources Sheet”:


4. Saisir les tâches et leurs spécificités dans le Gantt-Chart:


5. Double Cliquer sur la tâche “App iPhone” et saisir la contrainte:


6. Saisir la deadline de la dernière tâche:6

7. Allez dans Project > Project Information > Statistics pour déterminer le coût. Copiez ce coût dans les notes de la dernière tâche:


Solution au format MPP

Adobe CC Lousy Support

I have been trying to purchase an Adobe CC subscription for a year. Have 5 Chat conversations saved. Five open unresolved cases (#0216387593, #0216537262, #0216098627, #0216098411, #0216098835) that have been open for months. Over an hour of useless phone conversation with Adobe Support. If you search for the error message below, you will find more than 170 pages of complaints.

Because Adobe Support s***, I have decided to post the transcript of my last chat:


Sangita: Hello! Welcome to Adobe Customer Service.

Sangita: Hello

nasri: Hello

Sangita: I understand that you want to update your credit card details, is that right?

nasri: not really. all my orders are getting rejected but we can try this. is there a way I can enter my cc first and then order?

Sangita: I understand that you are unable to place a new order, is that right?

nasri: all details follow:

nasri: I have been desperately trying to purchase an Adobe CC subscription for more than a year. I spent countless hours with an incompetent support team both at Adobe and Digital River on the phone, by email and online support (chat). I have subscription at, prezi & others. I pay with my credit cards for Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, Play store and others. If you search for the below message at Google, you will find that many people in Lebanon and the MEA have the same problem. I am a teacher at the Saint-Joseph University in Beirut, Lebanon (USJ) and this is my last attempt to purchase a subscription for Adobe CC teacher’s edition before downloading a pirated version on the Internet. My id is: [hidden] The error message follows also attached (by the way, I set the currency to USD and it reverts automatically to LBP. I set the language to English and it reverts to French???): Un problème est survenu lors du traitement de votre commande. Veuillez contacter le service clientèle pour obtenir de l’aide.Bahreïn: 80081097Egypte: 08000000447Jordanie / Koweït / Liban / Qatar / Yémen: Anglais +44 207 365 0735Jordanie / Koweït / Liban / Qatar / Yémen: Arabe / Français +44 203 564 4145Oman: 80077173Arabie Saoudite: 8008446638Tunisie, Maroc et Algérie: +33 157324642Emirats Arabes Unis: 80004443085

nasri: I have been trying to get help for more than a year!!!!

Sangita: I understand how frustrating it is when things do not work accordingly.

Sangita: I am sorry for the inconvenience caused to you.

Sangita: I will be glad to check and help with this regard.

Sangita: May I please have your email address registered with Adobe?

nasri: [hidden]

Sangita: Thank you for confirming.

Sangita: May I have the exact error message you are getting while placing the order?

nasri: Un problème est survenu lors du traitement de votre commande. Veuillez contacter le service clientèle pour obtenir de l’aide.Bahreïn: 80081097Egypte: 08000000447Jordanie / Koweït / Liban / Qatar / Yémen: Anglais +44 207 365 0735Jordanie / Koweït / Liban / Qatar / Yémen: Arabe / Français +44 203 564 4145Oman: 80077173Arabie Saoudite: 8008446638Tunisie, Maroc et Algérie: +33 157324642Emirats Arabes Unis: 80004443085

Sangita: Thank you for the information.

Sangita: May I place you on hold for the next 2-3 minutes so that I can research on this issue?

nasri: ok

Sangita: Thank you for staying online.

Sangita: I am sorry for the delay.

Sangita: Please reach out to our Technical Support at United Kingdom: 0207 365 0735 |Ireland: 01 242 1552 |Belgium: 027119960 between Monday to Friday 9 AM to 5 PM GMT for assistance. You can find the support options on

Sangita: Sorry for the above typo.

Sangita: Please call our Sales Support at 0800 028 0148 Monday to Friday 9 AM to 5 PM Australian Time for assistance. You can also find the product catalog on

Sangita: Are we still connected?

nasri: I called support twice. spent more than 40 minutes on the phone. they didn’t help.

Sangita: In that case, you can try placing the order again with the below link.

nasri: They put the blame on the 4 banks I deal with and I am sure there is nothing wrong with my credit cards that I use with amazon, lynda, facebook, microsoft.

nasri: Also tried that.

Sangita: Click here

nasri: I already tried this link 10 times: previous chats.

Sangita: I am sorry, please reach the phone support number for further help as you are not able to place the order.

nasri: I have an open case no one is answering and you don’t have a representative in Lebanon and I can’t buy from the US store because I have an (.lb=lebanon) account.

Sangita: Is there anything else I can help you with?

Sangita: I am sorry for the inconvenience caused to you.

nasri: Yes, you can send this chat to management and tell them I am going to download a pirated version of adobe CC.

info: Your chat transcript will be sent to [hidden] at the end of your chat.

Sangita: Please reach the phone support number they will help you with the placing the new order.

nasri: I already tried this. and they didn’t help. what part of this message don’t you understand?

nasri: Do you have a customer complaint service?

Sangita: This may be a temporary issue, please try to reach them again.

nasri: I have been trying for a year.

Sangita: Yes, I understand.

nasri: I don’t want to talk to support anymore. Is there a way to send a complaint to someone who can do something about this?

Sangita: But there is nothing much I  can do about it.

Sangita: You can try reaching our phone support number  for further help.

Prezi Exercices







settings > aspect ratio

click –> hold –> move view
zoom with mouse or + or – on the right
type for text

insert image > favorite / delete

bracket frame

click edit path (bottom) add current view
> on top add it to the path / done

click on frame > click on number > x to delete

click on frame to zoom to frame / form / add to favorite / delte

Fade in effect

insert select files / search google images
insert styles / shapes

frame > delete (incl. everything inside) or remove frame

insert > my content favorites or previous prezis

insert > powerpoint

customize > advanced > custom logo

ctrl+space zoom to all

share (next to present) to share on FB, download, pdf, etc.

present > autoplay or arrows

type http://…..   ==> auto hyperlink

edit path > drag and drop objects

customize > colors / background

insert > add background music (mute button)
click on frame > insert voice over step (right click replace voice over)
delete > move the


Beginner’s guide to WordPress

This tutorial will guide you through the steps to create a blog using WordPress.
Getting Started

1.    Go to and click on the “get started” button.


2.    Fill in the registration form and don’t forget to choose a relevant name for your blog address (,,, etc.)


3.    When you’re done, click on “Create Blog”. Note that you will be able to upgrade to the paid version from the back end (administration area) at your convenience.


4.    Check your mailbox and verify your email address as soon as you possible. You have a two days limit for this.


5.    Your email subject will look like this:


Setting up your first blog
6.    Go back to and log in to your account (if you’re logged out).  Choose your blog title and tagline (these will appear in the header area of your blog – depending on the theme chosen and options). Depending on the method you’ve used to go back to the site, you may be redirected to the main page (step 11).


7.    Choose your template (this is the layout format of your website). In the example below, we chose the 2012 template:


8. offers you an option to sync with Facebook or Twitter. Your posts will automatically be shared on both platforms if you use the Facebook or Twitter Connect options:


Creating your first post

9.    It’s time to start blogging! Create any type of post from the available options – In the example below, we chose “text” which is the easiest type to start with:


10.    Write a welcome message:


11.    Remember to add a post category. This is very essential in a Blog for organization and readability purposes.


12.    Click on the Publish button to publish your post (or the update button if you’re revisiting your post).

Logging in to WordPress account
13.    The next time you log in to, you will be redirected to your account page where you can have and manage different blogs.


14.    On the “My Blog” page, you have your blog’s list and the option to add other blogs (note the “create another blog” option under “My Blog” on the left). To access your current blog, click on it’s name.


Logging in to the administration area

15.    This is your blog. You can, at any moment, click on your username (upper menu) to access the Dashboard (Administration area).


Creating a page
16.    There are two major types of publications: pages and posts. Pages are mainly static pages or pages that are not time-related, in the sense that they do not expire. For instance, your contact info, the description of the blog, your résumé. Posts, on the other hand, are time relevant. These can be recipes, new products information, news, comments, etc. Create your first page under Dashboard > Pages.


17.    Creating a page is very similar to writing a post. Just type a title and the content in the dedicated form. Note the “Kitchen Sink” button that will display an additional row of commands including “paste as text” and “paste from word” to remove any formatting or try to adapt the format from Microsoft Word to WordPress.


18.    The “Add Media” button allows you to add images and other type of Media (Music, Video, etc.)


19.    You can either drag-and-drop and image to the page or browse for it from your computer. Once it’s done, insert it into page.


20.    Preview then publish your page.


21.    Click on your blog’s name and notice that your page has been automatically added to your blog’s main menu


Customizing the menu
22.    If you need a customized menu, go to Appearance > Menus


23.    Drag and drop Pages, Categories or create custom Links. You can change the placement of menu items by dragging up and down or right and left (submenus). Once you’re done, rename the menu and save it. Note the “auto add pages” option to automatically add new pages to the menu and the menu location which depends on the theme you’ve chosen (some themes may have several menu placements – header, footer, section to the right, etc.).


24.    The remove a menu option, click on the arrow next to it and click “remove”.


25.    In the case of the 2012 theme, there is only one location, “primary”.


Editing a page or a post
26.    To edit a page or page, go to pages > all pages or posts > all posts

Trashing a page
27.    From the administration menu, go to Pages > all pages
28.    Hover the page title and click on “Trash”


Quick edit a page or post
29.    Go to Posts > all posts; Hover the post’s name; Click on Quick Edit. Here you can change the title, change the category, change the status, allow or disallow comments, etc.


Allowing and disallowing comments for a post or page


Managing categories
30.    To manage categories, go to post > categories

Post Slug
31.    Post slug is used to customize the URL (page address) of a post or page. Enter a few lowercase words separated by dashes, describing a post and usually derived from the post title to create a user-friendly (that is readable and without confusing characters) permalink. Post slug substitutes the “%posttitle%” placeholder in a custom permalink structure. Post slug should not be changed and is especially useful if the post title tends to be long or changes frequently.

32.    Switching blog layouts: you can change your template anytime via menu option appearance > themes.

Placing widgets on the sidebar
33.    Use appearance ? widgets to add interactive elements to sidebar. All you have to do is drag and drop items from the widgets area to the sidebar area. Note the “text” widget to add any time of text to the sidebar. Also note the Top posts & pages that will display your most visited pages.


Changing the Background
34.    Appearance > background

Changing options blog wide (comments & ratings)
35.    Go to settings > discussions and uncheck “allow people to post comments…” to disallow comments on all new posts.
36.    Settings > Rating


Give access to other users
37.    Click on Users from the main menu.
Description of users:
Super Admin – somebody with access to the site network administration features and all other features. See the Create a Network article.
Administrator – somebody who has access to all the administration features within a single site.
Editor – somebody who can publish and manage posts including the posts of other users.
Author – somebody who can publish and manage their own posts.
Contributor – somebody who can write and manage their own posts but cannot publish them.
Subscriber – somebody who can only manage their profile.

Invite a follower
38.    Users > invite

Edit your profile
39.    Users > My profile

Check your statistics
40.    Dashboard > site stats

Adding Social Icons and Online Social Networks (OSN) functionality
41.    Go to Settings  > sharing – In the top area, you can use OSN connect log in to automatically inform your OSN followers and friends when you publish new posts on your blog.
Adding media elements from OSN websites
42.    YouTube

via shortcode:

Here’s how to embed a video (easiest way):
1.    Click the Share link under the video.
2.    Click the Embed link.
3.    Copy the code provided in the expanded box.
4.    Paste the code into your blog or website.

Here’s how to embed a playlist:
1.    Click Playlists on the left side of your YouTube page
2.    Click the playlist title you’d like to embed.
3.    Click the Share link.
4.    Click the Embed link.
5.    Copy the embed code that appears in the menu below.
6.    Paste the code into your website or blog.

43.    Instagram
Put one image next to the other in shortcode to achieve best result[instagram url=LINK]

44.    SlideShare

Finding Help