Converting DVD with VLC

A friend recently asked me how to convert a DVD into MP4 or any other format (AVI, MOV, etc.) quick, free and easy.

This is the process of converting DVD chapters or films into MP4 with VideoLan (a.k.a. VLC), a free and open source video player you can download from

Step 1: Open VLC and select “Convert / Save” from then menu:

Step 2: Click the “Add” Button

Step 3: Open the DVD (or folder where you copied the DVD files) and select one of the chapters or the main movie (usually the VOB file with the largest size). Click on “Open”

Step 4: Click on the Convert / Save dropdown and pick “Convert”

Step 5: In profile, select H.264 + MP3 (MP4) – This is my preferred format but you can pick any other format from the dropdown list.

If you want to preview the file while it’s being converted, check the “Display the output” checkbox

Step 6: In destination file, click Browse and pick the folder where you want to save the output / resulting MP4 file

Step 7: Let VLC do its job. If you’re not previewing the result (displaying the output), you can check the progress in the time bar

That’s it!

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Converting VCF contacts to Excel or CSV

One VCF or several VCF?

A VCF file can hold several contacts. So, you may have just one VCF for all your contacts (ideal) or one VCF for each contact. If this is the case, you need to merge all your contacts into one file. To do this, open your command prompt and use the following command in the vcf folder:

copy *.vcf all.vcf

This will merge all the vcf(s) into one file name “all.vcf”

Converting to Excel or CSV

Download the “Free VCF file to CSV or Excel converter” macro from here and open it. It will automatically launch Excel and ask you for a file to convert.

Choose “all.csv”

Save the file.

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Fixing Audio Recording Problems with Screen Recorders

This fix has worked with Apowersoft Video Download Capture screen recording program. This solves the problem of recording video but not getting any audio recorded (no sound).

The fix is to enable the Stereo Mix device and to disable the Microphone in the recording devices tab. Leaving Microphone enable will also record ambient sound in the room.

Once you have enabled Stereo Mix as your default device, just select Microphone in your screen recording software (in my case Apowersoft Video Download Capture) as your  audio capture device:

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Conference of Diya Obeid, CEO of JobDiva

It was a great pleasure for me and the Master in Human Resources and Leadership to welcome Mr. Diya Obeid, CEO of JobDiva for a lecture about HR technology in the age of big data.

Mr. Diya Obeid is the founder of both JobDiva and Axelon, two staffing and recruitment companies headquartered in NY city.

Mr. Obeid is a holder of several patents in technology, job search and job matching.

During his lecture, he talked about the evolution of jobs and how lay-offs were hurtful to a company’s image less than a century ago. He said that staffing is trending again in the gig economy. Staffing was in fact the way jobs used to be before the full-time employment scheme. Today, in the US, 5 to 15% of employment contracts are done through staffing.

Technology helps match the right person to the right job at the right time. While technology is not 100% perfect, he says that he considers a system efficient is the margin of errors is less than 5%.

Mr. Obeid described the landscape of technologies and tools related to recruitment, job search and staffing. He talked about the criteria to select the right software for your company. Basically, avoid taking the CIO with you (you don’t bring your mechanic with you to buy a new car), choose a system that is configurable and not customizable, and use a cloud based solution.

He concluded that tomorrow’s jobs are for the “right-brainers”. There will always be jobs for technicians but companies will look for people with social skills: philosophy, psychology, sociology, etc., because these skills will become indispensable, even for those who choose a technical career.



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Exercice MS Project – 2016/11

Quatre amis, Chris, Nagi, Hani et Joe, décident de lancer une application mobile sur le marché. Ils se proposent de commencer le 1er Décembre 2016.
Le tarif horaire des 4 partenaires est le suivant:

Chris: $100/heure

Nagi: $100/heure

Hani: $75/heure

Joe: $50/heure
Analyse et Réflexion:

Cahier de charge, Chris, 4 jours.
Schéma de l’application, suit la tâche Cahier de charge, 4 jours, Chris et Nagi.
Réunion des 4 partenaires, suit la tâche Schéma, durée 1 jour.
Réunion avec un expert des applications mobiles, suit la tâche Réunion des 4 partenaires, Chris et Nagi. Durée: 1 jour. L’expert touche $1500 par jour.
Placer un milestone après la réunion avec l’expert

Structure de la société (vient après l’étape Analyse et Réflexion):

Réunion avec l’avocat, 1 jour, l’avocat touche $3,000 par jour, Chris et Nagi.
Fondation de la société, une semaine après la réunion avec l’avocat, $20,000 (coût fixe), durée 2 jours.
Installation des locaux, commence après la réunion avec l’avocat, Chris et Nagi, durée 10 jours.
Ecriture du business plan, 3 jours, Chris, doit se terminer en même temps que l’installation des locaux.
Mettre un milestone qui a lieu lorsque la Fondation de la société ET l’écriture du business plan sont achevés.

Développement (après l’étape structure de la société):

Développement de l’app pour iPhone, Joe, 2 semaines. A cause des engagements de Joe, cette étape ne peut commencer avant le 25 décembre 2016 – Joe et Hani.
Développement de l’app pour Android, Nagi, 2 semaines, commence 1 semaine après le démarrage de la tâche “Développement de l’app pour iPhone”
Placer un milestone à la fin des deux étapes.
Il est demandé de:

Dessiner le Gantt Chart du projet
Déterminer le coût total du projet (le placer dans une note au niveau du dernier milestone)
Placer une deadline pour le dernier milestone pour le 30 janvier 2017. Ce deadline sera-t-il respecté?

Enregistrez vos travaux sur le desktop sous le nom GRH-TPC14-votre matricule.

Solution (étapes les plus importantes):

1. Passer en mode automatique:


2. Dans Projet > Project Information, saisir la date de début:


3. Saisir le nom et les salaires des RH dans la page “Resources Sheet”:


4. Saisir les tâches et leurs spécificités dans le Gantt-Chart:


5. Double Cliquer sur la tâche “App iPhone” et saisir la contrainte:


6. Saisir la deadline de la dernière tâche:6

7. Allez dans Project > Project Information > Statistics pour déterminer le coût. Copiez ce coût dans les notes de la dernière tâche:


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